VMware CEO Avoids Broadcom Talk, Focuses on New Offerings

While computer chip company Broadcom’s planned $61 billion acquisition of cloud computing mainstay VMware hangs in the balance, Rangarajan Raghuram, VMware Chief Executive Officer, appears unworried. At the annual VMware Explore conference, Raghuram cautiously navigated around the subject, offering a positive outlook that the deal will yet pass the regulatory process that has kept it in limbo since May 2022.

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With Broadcom CEO Hock Tan in attendance, Raghuram was compelled to focus on new VMware offerings, including Cross-Cloud services, a set of software products and cloud services designed to simplify multi-cloud adoption and management. He also announced new products and updates to support data processing units (DPUs), storage architecture, and multi-cloud management. Other offerings being debuted include a new network and security management platform and updates to the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes portfolio for building, running, and managing containerized apps.

Although Raghuram remains optimistic about the Broadcom acquisition, some outsiders are skeptical of the deal — and VMware’s future, in general. Employees are already fleeing the company ahead of major changes, such as an anticipated end to open remote working, and European antitrust regulators are continuing to hold up the Broadcom deal.