VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram Pushes Move from ‘Cloud Chaos’ to ‘Cloud Smart’

Many enterprises are hoping that adopting multicloud strategies can accelerate their digital transformations; VMware is looking to facilitate them by providing users with reliable access to data and services.

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At the 2022 VMware Explore in Barcelona, Chief Executive Officer Raghu Raghuram outlined his company’s plan to use its services and products to give organizations the power to access applications from anywhere in the world. In his keynote address, the CEO illustrated the results of a company survey of its customers, which showed that many organizations experience “cloud chaos” while trying to replatform to the cloud.

Raghuram sees numerous reasons the “great replatforming” to the cloud is moving slower than expected. He cites a lack of critical developer skills, the difficulty in migrating and modernizing heavy applications, and the fragmented nature of managing apps across multiple clouds.

According to the CEO, VMware has spent years developing cloud-class services to help customers move successfully to on-demand IT in a “cloud smart” manner. The ultimate goal is to create an effective multicloud environment that enables organizations to work faster while reducing spending — resulting in a frictionless experience.