VMware Executives Continue to Jump Ship as Broadcom Acquisition Looms

With VMware's acquisition by Broadcom looming, several executives have started exiting rather than choosing to remain for the transition, including the general managers of the critical areas of cloud infrastructure, networking and security, and applications and management.

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The $61 billion deal is moving slowly as EU regulators take a closer look at it over competition concerns, leading managers Mark Lohmeyer, Ajay Patel, and Tom Gillis to move on. VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram understands the exits and plans to fill the spots with other trusted leaders from within the company, even if only temporarily.

The three exiting executives oversaw some of VMware’s most important divisions. Lohmeyer led the cloud infrastructure business; Patel, the Modern Applications and Management business; and Gillis, networking and advanced security. All three were already industry veterans before joining the company, and Raghuram cites them as being impactful to its success.

Earlier in 2022, channel leaders Sandy Hogan and Bill Swales also departed for new opportunities at SADA and Lenovo, respectively.