VMware Launches New Cross-Cloud Services

Last week, VMware hosted its annual VMworld global conference virtually for the second year in a row, unveiling a spate of new products, including new Cross-Cloud services—a group of integrated services providing customers the ability to build, run, and secure applications across any cloud environment with flexibility and security. According to the company, VMware Cross-Cloud services will deliver several key advantages: an accelerated journey to the cloud, cost efficiency, flexibility, and control across any cloud. The Cross-Cloud services will expand the capabilities of VMware’s product portfolio for a multi-cloud world and allow customers to pick and choose the services needed on the desired cloud to meet evolving business demands.

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VMware Cross-Cloud services will attend to the needs of multi-cloud customers by providing a state-of-the-art platform for building and deploying cloud-native apps, as well as a cloud infrastructure for operating and running them. The suite will also include cloud management for monitoring and managing the performance and cost of apps across different clouds, security and networking that spans across entire multi-cloud operations to connect and better secure all apps, and a digital workspace to empower the distributed workforce, along with edge solutions to deploy and manage edge-native apps. All told, the company expects the suite to accelerate and enhance digital transformation for its customers.