VMware Launches SaaS Blockchain Platform

VMware, the virtualization software company, wants to help enterprises test and run blockchain projects and launched a new software as a service platform to meet that end.

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Dubbed VMWare Blockchain, the Palo Alto, California-based SaaS company unveiled the new platform during its VMworld Europe conference in early November. VMware said its aim is to provide enterprise customers with all the tools and support necessary to adopt blockchain with the new SaaS platform. The idea is to empower companies to take their blockchain projects out of the pilot phases and into production.

The launch is timed to meet the growing demand for blockchain platforms. With successful use cases continuing to emerge, companies are paying more attention. They realize the benefits this technology can bring to an array of industries. But believing in it and implementing it are two different things. For enterprises tasked with finding the resources to deploy and manage blockchain and figuring out where it fits into the company’s overall IT strategy, blockchain can be daunting. VMware thinks it can help with that and has an edge because its platform is permissioned based. That means a select group has the ability to change and validate changes in the chain. With a public blockchain, anyone can make and add changes to the decentralized ledger. Enterprises view permissioned blockchain platforms as much more secure.

VMware Blockchain is in beta with the software company partnering with Dell Technologies, Deloitte and WWT. IBM Cloud is providing the support for VMware Blockchain. According to the company, the blockchain is aimed at creating a true decentralized trust in which nodes can be deployed across multiple cloud environments, day-two operations supported by VMWare Blockchain’s availability as a managed SaaS platform, single pane of glass management interface and enterprise monitoring and auditing tools, among other things.

During a demonstration at VMworld the SaaS company showcased how companies are using the blockchain SaaS during the beta trial. The software company highlighted Wipro, the Indian based information technology services company, which is using VMWare Blockchain to fight fraud in the supply chain. It's using it to track expired drugs to make sure they are discarded properly. “Tech innovation is vibrant across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and is leading the way to shape the future in key areas such as 5G, IoT, Smart Cities, Data Privacy, amongst others,” said Pat Gelsinger, chief executive officer, VMware when announcing VMWare Blockchain. “With digital transformation underway worldwide, customers are increasingly relying on VMware to be their essential, ubiquitous digital foundation enabling their business transformation.”