VMware, Samsung, AMD, and RISC-V Promote Confidential Computing

VMware, a leading provider of virtualization and cloud computing software, has announced a strategic alliance with Samsung Electronics, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and the RISC-V Keystone community to drive the adoption of confidential computing. The collaboration aims to address the challenges associated with private computing and promote the use of the open-source "Certifier Framework for Confidential Computing."

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While data encryption has long been employed to protect information at rest or in transit, traditional encryption methods fall short when it comes to safeguarding data during processing. In order for an application to access encrypted data, it needs to be decrypted, which exposes it to potential security breaches. Confidential computing, however, seeks to change this paradigm by leveraging trusted execution environments (TEEs) that protect data within cloud infrastructure or third-party edge servers.

By partnering with Samsung, AMD, and the RISC-V Keystone community, VMware intends to establish a platform-independent API for the design and deployment of confidential computing applications using the Certifier Framework. This initiative will enable developers to easily create privacy-preserving applications, including those involving sensitive data from various sources, such as machine learning and data economy tasks.

The Certifier Framework will extend support to x86, Arm, and RISC-V processor architectures, providing benefits to the entire computer industry. Confidential computing holds significant value for multi-cloud environments, as it addresses security concerns that have hindered the adoption of cloud deployment for many enterprise applications. Additionally, this approach can help protect intellectual property and proprietary data used in AI and machine learning applications.

Furthermore, VMware's Chief Technology Officer, Kit Colbert, emphasized the importance of confidential computing for securing workloads in multi-cloud and edge settings. However, widespread adoption of this technology requires developers to have the necessary tools to design such applications effectively. Through collaboration with industry partners, VMware aims to build an ecosystem of contributors to the Certifier Framework, facilitating easier and more efficient adoption of confidential computing for independent software vendors, enterprise clients, and sovereign cloud providers.

Industry experts have praised VMware's efforts to promote confidential computing. Holger Mueller from Constellation Research Inc. noted that VMware's partnership with AMD, Samsung, and RISC-V players demonstrates the company's commitment to securing virtualized workloads at the hardware level. As more workloads transition to the cloud, confidential computing ensures the secure execution of programs on the appropriate systems.

During the Confidential Computing Summit 2023 in San Francisco, VMware showcased its new alliances and presented confidential machine learning solutions. The company's collaboration with industry partners is expected to accelerate the adoption of confidential computing, enabling more customers to leverage its benefits.

Raghu Nambiar, AMD's Corporate Vice President of Data Center Ecosystems and Solutions, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the Certifier Framework's ability to assist organizations of all sizes in realizing the advantages of confidential computing.

As confidential computing gains traction, organizations can enhance the security of their workloads in multi-cloud and edge environments, unlocking the potential for innovation and growth in the digital landscape.