Wendy’s Boosts Customer Experience and Efficiency with Oracle Cloud Integration

In a bid to become the most beloved restaurant brand while expanding its global footprint, Wendy's, the second-largest quick-service hamburger chain in the U.S., has embarked on a transformative journey by leveraging the capabilities of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). By implementing Oracle's cloud-based solutions, Wendy's aims to enhance productivity, glean valuable business insights, and elevate the overall customer experience.

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Recognizing the need to streamline its operations, Wendy's transitioned its Finance and HR procedures to the cloud using Oracle Fusion Applications Suite. This strategic move has allowed the company to address the challenges posed by manual business systems, which were diverting employees' and managers' attention from providing excellent customer service. With Oracle's cloud solutions handling finance and HR tasks, Wendy's staff can now focus on delivering quality food and exceptional service to its customers.

Stephanie Shaw, Wendy's enterprise technology vice president, expressed the company's vision of creating seamless and enjoyable user experiences for employees, franchisees, and front-line workers. By automating company processes and aligning Finance and HR functions on the Oracle Fusion Applications Suite, Wendy's aims to foster a culture of creativity, inclusivity, and customer engagement. This strategic shift is expected to empower workers to invest more time in enhancing customer interactions and minimizing administrative burdens.

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, equipped with embedded analytics, has enabled Wendy's to consolidate 11 financial applications, enhancing productivity, control, and accuracy. With improved insights, planning capabilities, and accelerated financial reporting, Wendy's is better equipped to drive informed decision-making. Additionally, Wendy's and Oracle collaborated to develop an automated billing management system, effectively streamlining franchisee invoicing and payment processes.

Furthermore, Oracle's Applications Platform, in conjunction with OCI's Visual Builder and Integration Cloud Service, facilitated the integration of Wendy's bespoke application with the Oracle Fusion Applications Suite. The utilization of Oracle Exadata Database Service and Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata further ensures scalability, performance, and availability.

Having achieved success with the Oracle Cloud ERP implementation, Wendy's has extended its cloud journey to encompass Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). This extension promises to simplify onboarding, enhance HR self-service capabilities, provide real-time visibility into performance indicators, and grant employees greater control over career development.

Oracle's Executive Vice President of Applications Development, Steve Miranda, acknowledged the fiercely competitive nature of the quick-service restaurant industry, where employees and managers play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional customer service. By automating processes and making data-driven decisions through the Oracle Fusion Applications Suite, Wendy's is well-positioned to provide a superior customer experience.

Oracle Fusion Applications Suite's comprehensive approach empowers enterprises to dismantle silos, standardize procedures, and manage various aspects of their operations on a unified cloud platform. With quarterly updates, users can access new features every 90 days, ensuring a constant evolution of capabilities without any disruptions. By leveraging Oracle's cloud solutions, Wendy's is poised to continue its journey towards becoming the world's most successful and cherished restaurant brand.