Western Digital is Resolving a Data Breach that Disabled its Network Attached Storage Devices

Hackers accessed and exfiltrated systems data from data storage leader Western Digital on March 26, 2023, the company has confirmed. The “network security incident” exposed numerous internal systems, which were infiltrated by an unauthorized third party, and though no official cause has been released, the company’s statement hints that it may have been a ransomware attack. The identity of the attackers is also still unknown, and no major ransomware groups have claimed responsibility for the incident.

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As a result of its cloud services going down, Western Digital’s My Cloud suffered a significant outage that prevented users from accessing files on their Western Digital Network Attached Storage (WD NAS) systems. These physical devices require access to the company’s cloud services, and the company is still working to restore complete functionality, but Western Digital released a workaround for organizations to access their data again.

The company is working to implement proactive measures to fortify the security of its business operations and to restore the affected systems and is cooperating with an unnamed cybersecurity firm in conjunction with law enforcement agencies.