Workday Appoints Carl Eschenbach As Sole CEO To Drive Next Phase Of Growth

Workday, a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software, has named Carl Eschenbach as its sole CEO, effective February 1, 2024. Eschenbach takes the helm as Aneel Bhusri, Co-founder, and former Co-CEO, assumes the role of executive chair of the Workday Board of Directors. Eschenbach, who previously served as Co-CEO alongside Bhusri, expresses his honor in leading the company and emphasizes the opportunities ahead. Bhusri, in his new role, will focus on guiding innovation and shaping the future direction of Workday's applications and technology platform. The leadership transition comes as Workday continues its strong momentum, surpassing milestones such as 65 million users under contract, expanding its industry presence, and strengthening partnerships.

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Eschenbach's appointment signifies a strategic move for Workday, with the company poised for growth under his leadership. The seamless transition, facilitated by the prior co-CEO structure, ensures continuity and stability for the organization. Bhusri, confident in Eschenbach's capabilities, emphasizes his belief in Workday's strong position and readiness for the next phase of growth. The industry will be keenly watching Eschenbach's influence and strategic initiatives as he takes on the role of sole CEO.

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