Workday Everywhere Introduces Streamlined Functionality For Enterprise Employees

Workday, a market leader in human resources and financial software for enterprises, has announced Workday Everywhere, a set of packaged connectors that bring Workday tasks and insights directly into digital workspaces to enable organizations to elevate their employee experiences. With Workday Everywhere, employees can quickly access Workday in their natural flow of work without having to toggle between different applications, while employers can use it to deliver a simple and connected experience that improves employee productivity and engagement. The new UI is available now, with connectors for Slack and Microsoft Teams currently accessible and Microsoft Viva Connections compatibility coming later this year.

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Workday’s latest employee experience offering supports an ongoing effort to increase engagement with an open and frictionless experience that meets people where they are, bringing the power of Workday directly to their digital environment. By placing access within collaboration solutions, it eliminates the pesky need to switch windows and helps employees retain a smooth and efficient workflow. Although it has not yet been announced, Workday has implied the possibility of Workday Everywhere functionality extending to other collaborative platforms like Salesforce, Jira, Zoom, and more.