Workday’s Carl Eschenbach Outlines Vision for New Year

As Workday's Co-CEO, Carl Eschenbach, completes his first year in the role, he discusses the company's aggressive approach to change in the upcoming year. Notably, Eschenbach highlights key areas such as international expansion, ecosystem enhancement, platform extension, and a steadfast commitment to customers. The company aims to tap into its substantial total addressable market, ensuring a strategic presence in regions where it holds significant growth potential. He also stresses the importance of Workday's ecosystem, envisioning it not just as an ecosystem but as an entire economy built around the Workday platform.

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Amid the evolving landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a focal point, with Eschenbach recognizing the transformative impact it can have on human productivity. Customers, he notes, expect world-class AI capabilities but also emphasize the critical need for trust in its implementation. The company's extensive experience in managing data related to people and finances positions the company uniquely to build "systems of trust" around AI, ensuring ethical, responsible, and safe solutions for its customers. As he transitions into the role of sole CEO, Eschenbach’s vision centers on Workday's continuous innovation, resilience, and the potential to create an entire economy within its ecosystem.

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