WorkWave Announces Exciting New Solutions, Software, And Partnerships At PestWorld 2019

At The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) annual conference and expo, PestWorld 2019, WorkWave showcased several new PestPac solutions, features, and partnerships. The cloud-based software solutions provider and market leader in pest control software also debuted a new small business-focused version of its PestPac software, PestPac Select.

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PestPac Select is designed for small, residential pest control businesses. Delivering the power and capabilities of PestPac with a user-friendly interface is centered on helping residential pest control businesses not only save time and money but empowering them to reach their business goals. WorkWave also announced its partnership with A&K Software’s TermiteKiosk, to facilitate PestPac and PestPac Select users to easily create customized California WDO/termite reports that comply with complex state regulations.

While WorkWave's PestPac Select presentation and new partnership took center stage, other announcements spanned utilization of proprietary algorithms, streamlined payment solutions, and a new digital marketing and lead generation package with Mobile Sketch, RouteOp enhancements, WorkWave payments, and WorkWave Agency Bundles.

“It was such a joy to once again attend PestWorld in beautiful San Diego, California, this year,” wrote CEO of WorkWave and President of IFS’s Service Management Business Unit, Marne Martin. “PestWorld brings together some of the most talented voices in pest control. I love the opportunity to learn from them, and to validate the exceptional changes that WorkWave is making to its products, enhancing its amazing contribution to the industry.”

Martin also added that “we were excited to formally unveil PestPac Select at this year’s PestWorld, a solution tailored to bring small, residential and light commercial pest control businesses the insights they need to stay competitive, as well as save time and money. Built around the expertise that comes with our industry-leading PestPac solution, PestPac Select has intuitive and insightful dashboards, making it easy for small businesses to take in the information they rely on while working more efficiently.”

WorkWave continues to grow and experience a digital transformation, allowing for new revenue models for its 7,000 customers across a wide variety of industries, including pest control, lawn care, cleaning, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, and last-mile delivery.