Xerox And Oracle Strike Multi-Year Alliance To Propel New Companies In Emerging Sectors

Two of the most long-standing and trusted brands in technology are fortifying their ties in order to propel new, innovative business ventures. Xerox, the print technology leader with over a century of success, has teamed with tech mogul Larry Ellison’s Oracle Corporation in a multi-year deal focused on technologies like 3D printing, Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented reality. Incubated by the research, experience, and innovations of Xerox, emerging high-impact businesses can now benefit from Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and services as they prepare to launch and monetize. With an integrated set of Oracle cloud solutions, new Xerox businesses can sell online, create orders, process invoices, track performance, and carry out financial planning in a fraction of the time once required.

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Using an “Oracle-in-a-box” approach, these ventures can create an online storefront in Oracle Commerce, handle finance and accounting in Oracle NetSuite, tackle budgeting and financial planning in Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and bring everything together with Oracle Integration — all components of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In recent years, Xerox has shifted from its traditional core business to focus on emerging technologies like 3D printing. The company hopes to provide young ventures in industrial IoT, sustainable tech, and other emerging industries with the resources to empower their speed and creativity.