Zoom Apps And Zoom Events Coming Soon To A Screen Near You!

Not content to rest on its laurels with nearly 60% of US market share, Zoom is expanding upon its startling success in the video conferencing software space to provide additional functionality to hybrid workers in the form of Zoom Apps and Zoom Events. With the Zoom App Marketplace already featuring more than 1,500 third-party integrations, Zoom Apps promises to seamlessly embed third-party offerings within Zoom Meetings to offer functionality such as whiteboarding, project management, and note-taking, with more on the way.

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As businesses continue to move customer interactions into the digital domain, Zoom Events stands ready to enable businesses of every shape and size to manage and host virtual events such as product launches, internal events, sales summits, and trade shows. The new platform also offers dedicated virtual event spaces, customizable registration, and a digital lobby - with the company’s annual Zoomtopia user conference to be hosted on it later in 2021.

With both workers and businesses realizing the benefits of hybrid work in growing numbers, Zoom is positioning itself to innovate and grow right alongside the paradigm shift. By providing improved ways to connect with customers, business partners, friends and family, Zoom is looking to add both fun and functionality to the new normal.