Automation Leader Nintex Credits Growth to Innovation, Work Culture & Acquisitions

Founded in 2006 and based out of Bellevue, Washington, Nintex is a leading privately-held automation software company that has grown its business to $250 million in annual sales and is backed by two major PE firms, TPG and Thoma Bravo. What makes the Nintex Process Platform award-winning and highly adopted is quite simple: it is powerful, easy to use, and provides an end-to-end process management and automation solution for solving a comprehensive list of enterprise challenges and business pains.

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While Nintex is already a successful company, Nintex CEO Eric Johnson told TSR over email about the software vendor’s recent ambitions—and how Nintex is achieving them in record speed.

“Roughly three years ago we actually set ourselves a goal of $250 million in sales by the end of June 2022,” Johnson explained. “We achieved that — and have surpassed our goal — a full year ahead of time, which is a strong indicator of the difference we’re making with our process management, optimization, and automation capabilities in the market right now.”

Nintex boils its corporate accomplishments down to product innovation, being an honest broker, and making a few important acquisitions to expand the depth of its platform. Nintex offers process mapping and automation software that is leveraged by IT, ops, and process professionals as well as business analysts, and is offered at a great price value equation. Over the last two years, Nintex has acquired eSign provider AssureSign, digital process automation vendor K2 Software, Inc. and RPA vendor EnableSoft. But in the process of acquiring companies has not forgotten the importance of its people. “You can’t underestimate the impact of a positive culture and a great team,” Johnson told us. “Which has been key to accomplishing the overall growth of Nintex and scaling our business.”

At the heart of the Nintex team and its rapid growth are the senior leadership charged with ensuring the company’s expansion. While Chief Product Officer Neal Gottsacker has led the product team, continuing to evolve and innovate to create cloud-based software solutions that people want to use, Josh Waldo, Chief Customer Officer, and his team have transformed how the company serves customers with valuable instructor-led and virtual training programs and customer support initiatives. Johnson also credits its success to Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Dustin Grosse and Chief Revenue Officer Ben Brewer and the GTM alignment these leaders have fostered between the company’s sales and marketing teams, as well as to Senior VP of Corporate Development, Baran Erkel, on the acquisition and integration front.

Within Nintex, the culture of the company rests on three tenets: deliver on commitments; don’t wait and act with urgency; and always operate with respect and consideration. “That doesn't mean we can't do hard things or that we're not rigorous. We can and we are, but we do so positively, in the right way, and with respect for the individual,” stated Johnson.

To ensure this, Nintex has put in place several initiatives to guide its workforce to be a great and inclusive place to work. Something the company is quite proud of is Women in Nintex, a community it established in order to generate more collaboration opportunities for women. In 2021, it started its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Program, which includes a formal structure led by HR and includes unconscious bias training for teams and cultural awareness training for managers.

One of the biggest changes at Nintex, however, has come directly from the impact of the pandemic. Since embracing remote work across every major geography, the company is moving with the times, and it is “not going to go back to having everyone back in the office full-time as a remote-first workforce is really working for Nintex.”

Nintex doesn’t just want to be the provider of choice for its customers; it also wants that for its employees and, as we’ve come to see, all good things begin from within.

“We want Nintex to be a really good place for everyone.”